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(Abduction from the Seraglio) "Leading lady, Brittany Renee Robinson (Konstanze) dazzled with virtuosity as well as willingness to look the other way at notions of proper stage deportment." - The Day, October 8th, 2016

(Haydn's Creation) "Robinson's singing was stunningly beautiful. Her aria "With verdure clad" and "On might wings" were some of the musical highlights of the evening. Her range and lovely timbre were especially impressive." - CVNC, February 28th, 2015

(Queen of the Night) " Brittany Robinson stopped the show with her spectacular singing and believable acting in the aria." CVNC,  March 13th, 2015

"Brittany Robinson smoldered as the Queen of the Night....Robinson rocks this famous aria aria. Her incandescent and flexible voice reaches down deep into the song and then soars with it to the moon." Winston-Salem Journal, March 15th, 2015

"This was a performance for which words can do no justice. Robinson's shimmering stage presence, engaging internalization of her character's dramatic conflicts and crystal clear, yet sultry voice produced a sound and spirit that dwarfed the sum of all parts. Robinson's character experiences the extreme highs and lows of her forbidden love for Bristish army officer Gerald. I found myself anticipating and then totallly relishing each time the soprano sang. I previewed no classic recording that equals her sensual and artistic achievement."  - The Gazette, February 28th, 2014

As Lakme "Ms. Robinson mastered the difficult coloratura of the signature aria, and floated the frequent high notes that the role demands with purity and sureness."  - Opera Pronto, March 3rd, 2014

"As the coquettish maid Adele, she delightfully flitted through every comic opportunity that came her way. Most impressively, her voice has developed into a rich shimmering instrument that projected beautifully." -, March 4th, 2013

"As the beautiful Musetta, Brittany Ann Reneé Robinson gave an assured performance that communicated desirability and jealousy without the stock, over-the-top diva gestures that so often accompany this role.  In Musetta's Waltz she caressed an embarrassed waiter and sang in luminous tones about her own gorgeousness." - South Florida Classical Review, November 18th, 2012 

"The attractive Robinson styles the risque Musetta's Waltz, with a sexy soprano vibe and rich tonality that remained seductive with out going over the top." - Miamiartzine, November 28th, 2012

"Yvette was winningly portrayed by Brittany Ann Reneé Robinson, a strong singer whose voice blended well with the superb work in the orchestra.” – South Florida Classical Review, January 22nd, 2012

“Brittany Robinson was a splendid Queen of the Night.  She moved elegantly and demonstrated a character who is used to obedience and being in command, and she tossed off the Queen’s famous high, high, notes perfectly and as though they were no challenge whatsoever.” - The Post-Journal, Jamestown NY,  July 28th, 2011

“Paired with the lush voice of Brittany Robinson as Zerlina, the only woman who appears able to match wits with the Don, Brittany Robinson was a standout throughout, especially her Batti, batti o bel Masetto, highlighted by her long-held high notes.” - South Florida Classical Review, April 17th, 2011